In my daily operations, nowadays, I have been reflecting on what I know and what I am learning, on the new perspective(s) I have toward my life and the things I took for granted.

It’s a new perspective at times, at other points it’s a reminder of what I already knew but didn’t necessarily appreciate with a full heart.

This is the first one I would like to share:

  • I am reminded that grocery stores, nearby–within walking distance or a short drive, are a privilege. I knew about food deserts, I know there are many communities around the world who do not have a complete, large, well-maintained grocery store near them. I am grateful for what I have, and that a majority of it is close to me.
  • I am reminded that my ability to quickly access and navigate multiple grocery stores is a privilege. I have a car to get me from place to place easily and quickly. I have a car that I can fill to the brim, should I choose or need to do so. I am not dependent on others to physically take me or help me shop; this is also a privilege.
  • I am reminded that large fully stocked grocery stores are beautiful and privileged experiences. Small grocery stores may not have what I need. Going some place and seeing that they have run out of a food item, or any item, is a rare experience–and it’s never felt like a dire situation when it was out. When I watch the news or see stories of others unable to get diapers or wipes or toilet paper, I am reminded that finding, and being able to purchase, what we need, now and always, is a privilege.

When all of this is over, I can’t wait to leisurely walk the aisles of every grocery store nearby. I can’t wait to walk up and down the aisle and see people leisurely walking the aisles too. I can’t wait to marvel at full shelves. These small moments and experiences, I have a renewed perspective, one filled with deep, deeper, appreciation.

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

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