10 Things . . .

I read this article — can’t find it or remember where it was — the other day and it resonated with me. It said that in order to get through this time make two lists:

  • 10 things you will do–these are things around the home that you have set aside due to time or things, as in projects and aspirations, that you have pushed back for the same reason: time (think writing that book or starting that blog)
  • 10 things you can’t wait to do–these are the things that you miss, the things you can’t do right now thanks to quarantining and social distancing

These two lists are helpful, focused, exercises to make the time pass. They offer a list of goals to manage at home and a list of goals to achieve when this is over.

I’m offering my second list, my 10 things I can’t wait to do–they are in no particular order.

  • Play bingo in Las Vegas–and win 😉
  • Get a pedicure–and leave a fat tip!
  • Get coffee with friends, in person, at my favorite local coffee shop in Las Vegas: Sunrise Coffee House.
  • Go to the library.
  • Babysit my friend’s babies; hold babies, play silly games with babies, babies are the best!
  • Dine-in at a restaurant–in Las Vegas (Bangkok 9) or in Ontario (Lucky Elephant Thai)
  • Go to a national park–my favorite: Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Go to the mall–I don’t actually like shopping or crowds, but I do like the idea of seeing a place revived.
  • Visit another state/travel–I have seen 27 states, I want to visit all 50.
  • Go to Costco–I’ve been avoiding it . . .

It’s not an elaborate list, but for me it’s fun and it works. Life will get back to normal and each of these simple things will mean that much more to me, and that’s good. When we get back to our routines, when we get to do what we have missed during this time, perhaps we will view them through a new lens of love and appreciation. I know I will . . .

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