Oh how the tides have turned!

In the few instances I have left my home, in the few news programs I have allotted for myself, in the many text exchanges I have engaged in, I have noticed a dramatic shift in perception.

What was once a quark or oddity is now a celebrated habit. What was once dismissed as germaphobic, is now hygienic. What was once criticized is now praised.

Here are 5 things I have always done, but now do with no shame, with no strange looks, with no explanation required:

  • Wipe down the light switches
  • Wash my hands as soon as I get home
  • Disinfect/wipe down my phone every night
  • Carry, always, baby wipes or other types of wipes to clean up my hands when I’m out and about
  • Wipe down the door handles at home

. . . Oh, how the tides have turned . . .

Photo by Christine Sandu on Unsplash

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