What to Support AFTER

I am cataloging and collecting numerous local, national, and international stories of goodness.

As I’ve accumulated these stories, I’ve taken added notes on where to shop after all of this is over–the decision of where to shop is based on how companies are acting NOW.

Who has treated their employees well? Who has ensured the safety of their employees? Who has risen to the occasion and provided for the community?

I will be updating this list periodically, based on what I read, what comes my way, and what is shared. The following are people and organizations I will not only celebrate now, but support in the future; I hope you’ll join me; in fact, I not only hope you’ll join me, I hope it serves a a reminder that consumers are watching, consumers are taking note, and that as consumers we can wield tremendous power.


Alphabetical list: company name, headquarters location, short explanations–please comment if it needs an adjustment:

  • Crocs (Colorado, USA; FREE shoes for healthcare workers)
  • Dillon’s Small Batch Distillery (Niagara, Canada; converted operations to make hand sanitizer and spray, distributed for FREE to various front-line workers)
  • Harbor Freight (Nevada, USA; donated 44 million pairs of gloves and thousands of masks and shields to hospitals)
  • Helen Woodward Animal Center (California, USA; drive-thru pick-up for FREE pet food and cat litter to those in need)
  • JSTOR (USA; opened access to entire database to the general public)
  • Krispy Kreme (North Carolina, USA; a dozen donuts for FREE every Monday to healthcare workers)
  • Lowe’s (North Carolina, USA; donated $10 million to help medical professionals obtain protective gear)
  • Mauna Loa Macademia Nuts (Hawaii, USA; donated their disposable masks to Hilo Medical Center)
  • New Balance (Massachusetts, USA; converted operations to make face masks, donating $2 million to nonprofits to support communities impacted by COVID-19)
  • Starbucks (Washington, USA; FREE coffee to front-line workers and donated $500,000 in care packages and medical equipment)
  • Texas Roadhouse (Kentucky, USA; CEO has redirected their bonus and base salary to pay workers)
  • Trappers Bar & Grill (Minnesota, USA; FREE bagged meals for pick-up, no questions asked)
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County (Maryland, USA; Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry donated their protective gear to hospitals)
  • Tufts University (Massachusetts, USA; opened its campus for healthcare overflow providing space for self-quarantine, drive-thru testing, and field hospitals)

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