Waste Not, Want Not

We’re not actually living in a time where food is scarce, but we are living in a time where we are being forced to rethink some of our habits.

I grew up in a household where waste was minimal, to throw something away that still had value, that could be re-purposed, that could be used later, was unimaginable. But, as I got older, on my own, things were a little less serious. I retained some habits, but some went away. Now, I’m coming back to the more compassionate eye, the more innovative lens.

First idea? First experiment? I’ve always wanted to make candied orange peels. Why throw out a food source, right?

I cut up peels from about 3-4 oranges. I boiled them twice. Then I boiled them with some sugar. I laid them out to dry and put a little sugar on them. I ate them!

The boiled orange water I set aside and put into the plants outside–I figured that water was probably more nutritious, but I don’t actually know if that’s true. The point is: I’m trying to save–save resources and save trips to the grocery store. The even bigger point is: this is the best time to try creative food recipes, to develop better habits, to waste less.

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