Waste Not, Want Not

As I stated in my original post, we need to start evaluating our habits. We’re not in a normal situation, we’re not heading back to normal anytime soon, we’re in a new normal.

My first endeavor was rethinking my scraps; so, I made candied orange peels.

I’m still rethinking my scraps, but today’s feature is not making food waste into a delectable treat, it’s about making food waste into a continuous source of food.

The internet is littered with tricks and hacks on how to regrow a number of items. One thing I’ve learned, from all my adventures in every arena, is start small and start simple.

So, I give you green onions–forever.

I cut the green part, left enough room for the root to stand in a small glass jar. I filled the container with water–not too much, the tops need to remain above water. I left it on the counter for daily sun, and . . . 4 days later, check it out!

You can see in the lines, the different shades of green, what I started with and what has grown. They’re growing beautifully. Now, I have one less item on my grocery list. One less worry.

It sounds small, but every little effort and achievement, every added resource, makes a difference. If we don’t have to waste, why should we? I’ll be snipping these in a few days, and watching them grow again–that is, I’ll not only be reducing my food waste, I’ll be increasing my joy, and joy in a pandemic is a wonderful thing.

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