Update June 9, 2020

I currently reside in the United States. The past two weeks have made international headlines. I had a couple of posts scheduled, some in draft mode, and some added ideas ready to write here; however, I have been consumed with everything that has transpired, so not much has been published.

I will be coming back to this forum and this blog to share what we have accomplished, what we have gained, as it pertains to community and well-being during a pandemic. I am also returning to my curriculum–hoping to write more and finish other components. Finally, I hope to include some overlap with our current social climate in the US.

There is a social movement, a human rights campaign, occurring in the United States. I am proud to see a number of activists, organizations, and people coming together to redefine and reimagine the trajectory we had been on. I know that it will lead to great discussion, and lots of praise 💜

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